Kellen Saip is an up and coming singer songwriter from Ladner BC, a small farm/fishing town outside of Vancouver, BC.

His music gently fuses folk and blues with subtle undertones of faith and soul that derived from his family gospel roots. His old soul but forever young mentality helps explore a melodic guitar sound mixed with organically adapting vocals. His lyrics and vocals together deliver an intimate experience that can one minute be sweet and silky like a fine wine and the next raspy and strong that hits you harder than a cheap shot of whiskey.

​His songs tell of a journey of heartache, bliss, love lost and love gained that can be relatable to all hearts that are still beating. 

​Kellen recorded his latest EP Take Me Away with Cory Woodward from Lion, Bear, Fox. And has recently made it to the top ten regional in CBC Searchlight! 

I first saw Kellen Saip perform live in late spring of 2018 at Frequency Winery and was immediately hooked. I went to see him 4 more times in the year! Kellen's soulful (and sometimes haunting) vocals combined with his simple-yet-unique songwriting has me playing his stuff on repeat. Go see this amazing artist, and keep your eyes open for what's next from Kellen Saip”

— Jeff Winskell, Program Director - 96.9 JACK FM Vancouver